Industrial refrigeration and air conditioning: FC GROUP REFRIGERATION


Fc Group is a reality which borns from the experience in industrial cooling plant field. Over 40 years of successes have brought us to become a reference point for several industries, as well as specializing in refrigeration equipment production for different industry realities.

We are a team of qualified professionals, ready to keep our expertise to your disposition, but also high quality and efficiency products, spare-parts and accessories. Professionalism and dynamism have always been our major strengths which allow us to operate with excellence and to satisfy all kind of needs.




Fc Group is the ideal resource for all companies engaged in soft drinks and water bottling production, wine and beer producers, industry realities producing pasta and all activities working in food industry. Although, we arise as an efficient contact for each company operating in pharmaceutical chemical industry, essences and similar production, industries producing rubber and plastics and all companies and enterprises who work in manufacturing field and require cold during their production cycle.

In practice, we offer different solutions for all sectors in which refrigeration and air-conditioning are proposed as a daily requirement, but also as a preference to fulfil quickly as useful for improving each day work quality.



Fc Group is always an excellent resource for all those companies operating in the food industry, or rather food & beverage. Therefore, it...

refrigerazione processi produttivi gomma e plastica


Fc Group has been always suitable asset also for businesses, industries and activities involved in plastic and rubber production...

refrigerazione essenze


Fc Group team also answers to all company needs operating in the essence sectors, designing and manufacturing efficient...

refrigerazione chimico farmaceutico FC GROUP


Fc Group is a reference point for all companies dealing in chemical pharmaceutical industry, handling specific...


Fc Group team has always offered a very wide service variety : starting from engineering design, plant supervision, maintenance and servicing of individual systems, assistance, energy balance study and solutions for energy efficiency, industrial air conditioning and refrigeration system sizing, till arriving to thermohydraulic installation realization to testing and eco-refrigeration system installation.

For industrial companies and for installers, we purpose supply of components, spare-parts, accessories, cooling plants and industrial air conditioning systems, up of upper quality, made in Italy and granting each time high quality standard, resistance and reliability, without ignoring diversified solutions at competitive prices


Fc Group deals in purposing and supplying new chilling plants but also maintenance, reviewing and adjustment of existing chillers. Therefore, it offers efficient products and useful to meet any requirement.

Starting from chilled water production till cooling systems, from cooling towers to big air conditioning plants, till water treatment: you could find every solution and appliance necessary for your production needs. Our team selects for its customers the best accessories and spare-parts for cooling plants and industrial air conditioning systems available on the market, industrial or professional chillers, cooling units, compressors, chillers and much more.

For every needs, you could have available unique, modern, functional and long-life products.


As always, Fc Group undertakes to propose high quality spare-parts. Several types, sizes and functionality are the elements characterizing every single product.

Starting from gas for refrigerators, till cooling gas and refrigerant fluids: from spare-parts for cooling world, to compressors, till arriving to a wide range of components for refrigeration and industrial air conditioning: our team selects each product with the maximum attention, favouring, as always, leader trademarks in air-conditioning and refrigeration field.


We have decided to cooperate with many leading companies in the field of components production, plant engineering and air conditioning and refrigeration systems and equipments like Castel, Copeland, Bitzer, Danfoss, Maneurop, Alco and Johnson Control.

In this way, we are able to offer, each time, the best for our customers, promoting every single hope, respecting your needs and proposing always diversified solutions which can be able to improve work quality for every kind of company.


Fc Group also purposes second-hand cooling plants and several kind of second-hand chilling plants, assuring a high quality, perfect functionality and performances tailored to your needs. Each purposed unit is carefully checked and almost refurbished, so that it can offer more reliability, excellence and durability.

We also provide you with economic solutions, but at the same time safe appliances, according to law and, in any case, suitable to meet your business and industrial environment needs.

To learn more about and to find the best solutions for your company, please do hot hesitate to contact us by the form you can find in contact page.

Fc Group team will reply to you as soon as possible, supplying all the answers and solutions you are looking for!


As concerns accessories, Fc Group purposes a wide component choice, in particular collecting tanks, pipe in pipe exchangers, plate heat exchangers and tubular bundle exchangers, in order to offer always the best and everything which can conduce your company to optimize plant working.

Unique and durable, all the proposed accessories are able to submit good technical specifications and also, simultaneously, high quality standards, long-life and resistance.