refrigerazione alimentare

Fc Group si rivela da sempre una risorsa ideale per tutte quelle imprese che operano nel settore alimentare, o meglio del food & beverage…

Fc Group is always an excellent resource for all those companies operating in the food industry, or rather food & beverage. Therefore, it offers refrigeration systems suitable for mineral water and drink production industries; wine and beer; pasta manufacturers; fruit juices, citrus juices but also for enterprises manufacturing and / or installing equipments which are used in above-mentioned productions ( such as fillers, syrups rooms, reservoirs or storage tanks, etc. ).

Refrigeration units and chillers proposed by Fc Group, are an excellent solution to support storage and food production, for water bottling and soft drinks and wine manufacture.

Industrial air conditioning systems are perfect to allocate, to each workplace, the best temperature, allowing an higher productivity, quality and optimization, for each operating area.



Fc Group is a reference point for all companies dealing in chemical pharmaceutical industry, handling specific product development and which, to transform and study materials or preserve their features, need to make use of available refrigeration and / or air conditioning units, with particular functions.

Pharmaceutical chemical industry is rather complex and, therefore, Fc Group offers diversified and tailored solutions, that meet your expectations and needs. Our design can be extended to any industrial area, differentiating chillers on the base of their features and functionalities, for each specific area.

From industries producing drugs to enterprises dealing with other branches of chemical field, we attempt always to provide you with high competence, long experience and efficient, long-life and quality systems.



Fc Group team also answers to all company needs operating in the essence sectors, designing and manufacturing efficient and good working refrigeration systems.

From storage tank cooling to real cooling units and chillers, necessary for perfumes production, in which field essences are the heart of the process, by cooling unit monitoring and maintenance to important component and accessory supply, Fc Group is the good reference point for many manufacturers and / or exporters of perfume essences and aromatic compositions, in support of other industries like cosmetics, cleaning products and more.

Even in this case, our technicians will reply to individual needs and to establish the best solutions for each industrial type, for each operational area and / or stock, both with regard to refrigeration systems and industrial air conditioning. Replying to specific requirements and characteristics, each customized plant, proposed by Fc Group, can optimize each company in the industry field quality and productivity.



Fc Group has been always suitable asset also for businesses, industries and activities involved in plastic and rubber production. This field is divided into various specific application sectors that our professionals can support with tailored unit manufacturing, which will be able to meet each operational area needs.

Industries producing rubber, plastics and related materials can rely on us: we will evaluate your structures accurately and with great attention to details, to answer your needs and to develop appropriate solutions for your processing cycles.

In this way, we could promote together, a better quality of production and manufacturing processes, as well as an higher and incisive energy saving. Practically, our systems offer a good support, but also allow to optimize your workplace and your productivity, even when we talk about companies in plastic and rubber production field.



Finally, there are other macro or micro areas where the cold is required and necessary for production needs, so do not hesitate to contact FC GROUP, which will put its experience at your service, to find adequate solutions to your needs.