Fc Group, strong of its over 40 years of competence, operates in refrigeration industry, providing good chillers. Experience and dynamism are the strengths of our professional staff, joining the main features of refrigeration systems which are designed and installed with the intention to work for long time.

Chilling plants proposed by Fc Group can also support productivity, working and production process quality of all people operating in the field like food, chemical and pharmaceutical, essences, rubber, plastic materials and all those companies having the necessity to work or keep their products and / or raw materials at low temperatures.



Fc Group offers good and diversified solutions for all enterprise which need industrial cooling plants. Starting from design to delivery, from testing to maintenance, you could rely on a good skilled technician team and the use of modern components and units, which are able to answer to your specific needs.

Industrial refrigeration plants

Our technical team, composed by professionals, deals with installation and supply of industrial cooling plants, suitable to cool process liquids. It comes to efficient machines, of various sizes and powers, always ready to offer serious and fast results, as well as good and appreciated performances.

Modern, advanced and equipped with features and extremely technological processes, industrial refrigeration systems, we purpose to your company, grant a long life and answer all your business needs.

Industrial cooling systems

Fc Group purposes industrial cooling system suitable for companies operating in food field, but also in other trades where production needs cooling or in which it can be necessary working out and transforming raw materials optimally.

You could choose between advanced solutions and several dimensions, using a very good temperature setting as well as an excellent setting function : all these features are not to underestimate when it is necessary to realize customized industrial cooling systems.

Refrigerating units

Fc Group purposes several kind of refrigerating units which look like monobloc appliances, condensing air or water and they are supplied by an internal tank or by an external collecting system. The ones, we selected for our customers, are efficient and technological, they work quickly and correctly and they have different characteristics, features and powers.

So we put at your disposal good units for cooling your industrial machines or your productive processes, suitable for efficient and long-life work.

Cooling plants

Depending on each industry type, several processes are carried out, characterized by technology, by progress and by different machine use. Especially for machines, they have the need to yield heat inside them, through special facilities use, allowing the cooling of the major components through the use of air and/or water and/or water blend with ethylene or propylene glycol. In this regard, Fc Group offers cooling systems tailored to your needs.

Functionality and quality are the strengths that we offer, selecting for you the best facilities, signed by leading brands in the industry.

Cooling fan

Fc Group purposes a wide product range, among which you could also find different types of axial fans which are used for condenser cooling in cooling units with air condensation or in cooling towers. Normally, they have an adjustable air flow according to cooling unit requests. The smallest fans are also used for display panels cooling, particularly in weather conditions with very high temperatures.


Compressors are essential elements for the proper operation of refrigeration systems, cooling units and chiller, as they are the real main motor and they allow refrigerant mixture circulation . For this reason, Fc Group has selected the most efficient, innovative, durable and functional.

Copeland Compressors

Copeland compressors have always been synonymous with quality, efficiency and durability. From the smallest refrigeration systems, on which it can be set up individual hermetic compressors, to bigger chillers, with semi-hermetic compressors also in series, these compressors always manage to guarantee excellent performance and many advantages.

Bitzer Compressors

Bitzer is a German company offering several compressor types and they are perfect to allow a perfect run to industrial refrigeration systems and chillers. Resistance, efficiency and many features are the main characteristic of Bitzer reciprocating, screw and scroll compressors, suitable for different types of industrial installations.

Hermetic Compressors

Fc Group is able to provide the customer with excellent hermetic compressors of various trademarks, equipped with important requirements and quality. Compressor task is always to make refrigerant circulating inside the circuit but, unlike the other types, it possesses a casing entirely welded and sealed. These compressors can operate in serial, to be able to grant always refrigerating unit run, also if one of them is damaged.

Rotary compressors

Rotary compressors, offered and chosen by Fc Group, are produced by the best companies in the industry and they stand out in scroll, rotary vane, centrifugal and screw compressors. They also fall under hermetic compressor category and they can be exploited in various types of industrial plant refrigeration.

Professional refrigerators

Our technical team has selected for you professional refrigerator various types, of the best brands in the industry, perfect for different business types. Several models, sizes, powers, capacities, indoor and outdoor facilities are waiting for you, to bring the best of refrigeration in large and small production environments, also offering you the best performance, good circulation systems, energy efficiency and much more.

Professional refrigeration

Fc Group offers a wide equipment, machinery and system selection, for professional refrigeration, that is what enterprises need, in particular, for production cycles in which it is necessary reduce temperatures. Therefore, we propose several size and model units, components and products essential for work improvement and for offering quality final products.


Chiller is a special kind of cooler, often supplied in monobloc appliance, that, through good processes and special kind of refrigerating fluids, it can cool down a liquid element, which usually is the water (for temperatures over 0°C) or glycolate water blend (for temperatures under 0°C). In this regards, Fc Group offers several solutions, suitable, also, for replying to special needs.




Fc Group has been operating in cold field for several years, offering good skills and purposing excellent systems and components, as well as an efficient and personalized supply according to specific needs.

For this reason, we can supply any kind of component which can assure to your industrial air conditioning plant, excellent performances.