ACCESSORIESFC Group supplies accessories lines for industrial cooling world; here after some of the products which can be useful for your product industrial process completion.


Between selected accessories and purposed by Fc Group, you could find several models of storage tanks suitable for different necessities and environments. In some production processes, tanks are necessary in combination with chillers and cooling plants. These tanks are suitable to store water, process oils, essences but also musts for wine tartaric precipitation and shelled eggs.

For above described uses, cold passes outside the tank in cooling coats, for product maintenance at low temperatures. Tanks are realized in several sizes. Function of these important components should not be underestimated inside each industrial process.

Fc Group selects for their customers, the best tanks : they are manufactured by first quality raw material utilization and through implementation and use of innovative equipment and techniques .

Storage tanks purposed by our company, could have a long life and be the right choice for your needs, increasing processes, overall, and obtained result connected.


Exchangers are appliances necessary to transfer heat, that is heating a specific product or cooling down it. Fc Group purposes only components assuring a long life cycle, a very high resistance and also entirely manufactured in stainless steel.

Purposed plate heat exchangers are the perfect choice for several industrial fields.


Between accessories offered by our company, you could find also tubular bundle heat exchangers.

In this case, we are also talking about useful and efficient components having the task to transport and transfer heat. Tubular bundle heat exchangers, we selected for our customers, are durable, dynamic and functional. They could be used for several industrial applications and sectors, with the purpose to cool down or to heat different liquid types. Tubular bundle exchangers will be made of stainless steel.

They offer excellent performances as concern thermic exchange. You could chose the best for your necessities, your machines and your production and working cycles. Thanks to our wide selection, you could have the possibility to find all you need and all appliances which could help you to optimize your plant functionality.


Fc Group also offers several pipe in pipe heat exchangers. They can be used during some working processes for some food products, but also in different other industrial applications. These exchangers have been designed to purpose the best performances but also to allow a fast and easy cleaning.

Normally, product to treat flows inside pipe while liquid (which has the task to heat or cool it) flows between the two pipes. These exchangers can be separated in more modulus and they are realized by some concentric pipes. Usually they are made of stainless steel and other high quality materials.

The same is for the components completing functioning: it is the union of many efficient products and they will be able to stand the test of time. Pipe in pipe exchangers purposed by Fc Group are available in several dimensions and they could become as the element you would need to improve your production cycles. First quality and excellent results will be on your side, increasing your production level and quality of your goods.