Castel is one of the most famous brands in the field of refrigeration world, for reliability of its products. It is a leading company in the field of components, both as regards refrigeration and air conditioning.

It is an Italian company operating since 1961, that over the years, has enjoyed a high success, conquering the market and consolidating, thanks to the countless amount of innovative and highly technological components proposed like electro-valves, safety appliances, connectors, thermostatic and electronic expansion valve, dehydrators and mechanical filters, refrigerating plant facets and much more.

Each product boasts of interesting technical features, high quality and cutting-edge features.


Copeland purposes a very wide range of SCROLL efficient compressors and semi-hermetic compressors, helpful to realize chilling and air conditioning plants with the following features: functional, durable and able to offer excellent performances. These compressors have been added in plants set up in several companies and commercial activities, you can find all over the world, always offering quality and excellence.

The width selection purposed by this brand chosen by Fc Group, let us to complete several kind of refrigeration and air conditioning systems, keeping them more reliable, clever and functional.


As concerns air conditioning and refrigeration, Bitzer is one of the leading manufacturers in this field and it is able to offer, incessantly, innovative and cutting edge products, created thanks to decades of experience in this kind of industry and highly competent technicians. Since 1934 till today, this German company has made considerable progresses on a daily basis, coming to today, when technology and innovation are revealed two essential ingredients for each production cycle.

Between products signed by Bitzer, we can find several components suitable to purpose excellent performances, providing a good industrial air conditioning and adequate support in refrigeration, with its several templates. Efficiency, sustainability, precision and quality are the main strengths of refrigeration compressors and all the other products and components offered by Bitzer.


Between the companies we have chosen, you can find Danfoss which is an enterprise which has always focused on “tomorrow’s technology”, living in the progress and innovation. It offers quality, excellence and reliability: thess are the main product features which have conquered customers all over the world. Danfoss is a leading brand in refrigeration and air conditioning field, suitable to purpose different solutions either for industrial or for commercial environments.

Staring from compressors till high pressure pumps, from solenoid valves to electronic controls, from pressostats to thermostats, drying filters and sight glasses: each component is produced by the best materials and through the most interesting modern technologies, presenting itself always as a perfect item to deliver performance, strength and durability.


Maneurop is the brand of a special kind of Danfoss alternative compressors , we have selected for reliability, for several technical and mechanical specifications they own and for features. They are a good choice for performing applications relating to refrigeration, for the assembly in parallel and for many other installations connected always to air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Each product purposed is realized with excellent raw materials and advanced equipments, thus ensuring precision high levels and always satisfactory performances.


Alco is a leading company in the field of air-conditioning, refrigeration and heating plants. It is specialized in everything concerning system control and, therefore, it offers a wide range of drying filters, pressure transducers, expansion valves, product for oil management, electro-valves, thermostats and much more.

Alco Controls products are mechanical and/or electronic and they are processed, designed and manufactured to provide efficient performances, but also a lot of reliability, strength and durability. In practice, each product is able to provide for an overall improvement of a system performance, allowing Fc Group to offer even more solutions which can meet your needs and preferences.


Johnson Controls is another of the industry leaders of this field, we have selected to provide you with always excellent products and systems. From the simplest equipment to the best and most elaborate systems for the component control, this brand is able to realize diversified, innovative and extremely intuitive solutions, considering also important elements and features, such as energy efficiency and sustainability.