Compressors are very important components also for big refrigeration plants and they are the real “beating heart”. They influence the good performance of chiller run. However, Fc Group purposes a good service for spare-parts supply, concerning refrigeration compressors.

We favour and select for you the best and the most innovative products . We offer a wide range of several type compressors, which can be implemented in many systems and applications. They can be useful for all companies dealing in production and processing of agrifood pharmaceutical products, and more.

A great alternative may be reconditioned compressors, which often are supplied with warranty.


Eeach cooling unit needs dynamic, durable and excellently operating components. The same is for air conditioning plants. So, Fc Group has decided to purpose a complete supply for cooling and air-conditioning components, taking care to find always more competitive suppliers in the cooling sector.

Proposed components prove to be efficient spare parts as well as perfect elements, to promote the most satisfying performances, to avoid problems and / or failures and to allow the system to have a long life run, thus optimizing work and products quality as well as production cycles .


Refrigerating fluid is a very important element for cooling units and plants, as well as similar appliances. In fact, it is a component necessary to properly transfer heat from hot source to cold. It also changes its status, from gaseous to liquid and vice versa, to perform its task of heat conducting.

To accomplish this task in the right way and thus to ensure optimum performance, all big or small chiller needs to use a quality refrigeration fluid, with specific characteristics. With this regard, Fc Group has selected the best cooling fluid, constantly proposing excellence and high quality products.