Fc Group purposes new industrial climate control systems, it accommodates and optimizes existing units, but also offers the possibility to choose good second-hand air-conditioning appliances. Each proposed system is good working, fully functioning and able to offer excellent performances, allowing your company to take advantage of a lower price and, at the same time, high quality levels.

Second-hand machineries we propose, are either differential and constantly updated solutions or high power and efficiency systems, innovative and advanced units. You could find second-hand industrial air conditioning units with technical and mechanical specifications to take into high consideration, interesting features and able to reply to your needs, as well as various size elements and machinery types, suitable for different field companies.

Fc Group team offers fully reconditioned facilities, equipped with original documents and related maintenance certificates, if available. In this way, you could be sure to have carried safe units into your working environment, in good standing and able to run efficiently and to support your daily work.

We will offer personalized consultation and we will propose all the most suitable diversified offers for your working environment and your needs. Later, when you would have chosen your used equipment, we could provide for installation and optimization of temperatures and suitable working parameters, for single business areas. In practice, we will try to arrange unit to your rooms, in very short time and offer, immediately, satisfactory results.

After installation and testing, we will be at your disposal for assistance, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, servicing and spare-parts / first quality accessories supply. In practice, relying on Fc Group, concerning second-hand air conditioning and cooling unit system choice, means to have ensured the possibility of obtaining excellent second-hand products with a good constant support.

High safety, quality and long-life standards are the main features of our second-hand climate control systems.


Fc Group has always been specialized in industrial cooling field, becoming a real point of reference for companies and industries dealing with water production and / or bottling, various soft drinks and wines, as well as those working in food, chemical and pharmaceutical, essences, plastics and rubber manufacturing.

Fc Group is able to reply to all company needs which have the necessity to cool down any type of element. For this reason, our team offers the possibility to add, in enterprise working environments, new chillers as well as offering good second-hand cooling unit.

Each offer provides a great price and perfectly running, in good condition and carefully overhauled working appliances. Each second-hand refrigeration plant is equipped with its original documentation and maintenance certificates, when available, but also power and technical specifications, which are not underestimated elements to consider. Even if they are second-hand units, they are completely safe and pursuant and are offering good performances and efficient support to companies, in several fields.

Each second-hand refrigeration system proposed by Fc Group, is signed by the best brands in cooling industry and can meet your needs by offering functionalities, temperatures and features you need inside your business areas. We will propose good diversified offers and the most suitable solutions for your location, in order to fully satisfy your need and preference, allowing you to take advantage, simultaneously, of competitive prices.

Fc Group technicians will provide for your second-hand refrigeration system installation , as well as testing, sizing and ordinary and extraordinary maintenances. In practice, we propose the best even when it is second-hand units and we will help you to enjoy of an excellent quality, excellent performance and remarkable durability.