When we use the word “refrigeration”, we are talking about one of the cold cycle phase, which is a process used to lower temperature of a specific production process (for example: food & beverage production, drinks, wine and beer, drugs, essences, etc. ). Refrigeration units are technological systems able to lower several product temperature: for example, up to + 4 ° / + 5 ° C for mineral waters; syrup for soft drinks from high temperatures up to + 20 ° C in two steps ( cooling tower and chillers), or even cooling of must up to + 15 ° C and wine even up to -15 ° C. Refrigeration is, therefore, an important factor in production cycle: chillers used in production cycle, must be provided with extremely reliable equipments, to minimize stops and unforeseen events, especially during the high production periods, which could involve considerable economic losses. They must therefore be expected to operate 24 hours on 24 and 7 days out of 7.

There are also other fields, such as freezing and deep freezing, requiring much lower temperatures. Due to this feature, refrigeration is the best solution for storing foods for a short time, but also to preserve characteristics of medical product samples, special sensors and much more.

For this reason, cooling systems are the best appliance for food & beverage industry and for all manufacturing fields where cold is required, as well as working environment air-conditioning.


Fc Group offers efficient refrigeration systems, guaranteeing always professionalism, experience and use of product, components and systems, manufactured by leading brand industries. This means being able to take advantages on unique elements of its kind, excellent functions, high strength,safety and quality good standards.

Excellent performances and durability are the two main features proposed by Fc Group refrigeration systems, which can be the best solutions for all companies in the food, chemical pharmaceutical, essences, rubber and plastics field and all companies in which cold is required and necessary. Refrigeration systems purposed by Fc Group are designed for your company needs and they offer all features and technology that you require.



Relying on Fc Group means having a professional team who is able to work out a detailed engineering design, which allows, later, to create customized chillers for your industry. It is an intermediate stage of our project realization, carried out with an accurate method as to enable us to define better results and characteristics, of each individual system.

This allows our customers to be sure to get everything that is necessary to optimize its production processes and daily work quality. Developing a perfect technical structure and studying how to assign specific potential to systems, are also essential points, in order to raise plant safety levels, as well as to avoid possible ecological implications and to promote a valuable energy saving in the long period.


After your refrigeration units manufacturing, Fc Group team will take care of them by their monitoring and supervision, making use of technological, advanced and reliable equipments. This occurs both for small and medium plants and for those of higher dimensions, even for refrigeration or for industrial air conditioning. We could work out an accurate report by which you could analyse your unit real efficiency and all its main potentials and capabilities.



Chiller maintenance is always an important aspect in order to increase durability and to optimize its constant performances. This is the reason why Fc Group team is always at your disposal for carrying out routine and periodic maintenance, which will be established beforehand , as well as those extraordinary. Each service will be carried out with careful and detailed, by efficient and innovative instruments, equipment s and components.

Our intention is to make each chilling unit perfect, under every point of view: professionalism and skills are on your side.


Fc Group offers a good assistance and consultancy service to all customers, taking care to draw up differentiated solutions and answering all your questions. Our long experience allows us to help you, being sure to be able to meet every of your needs and preferences, for everything related to refrigeration system, industrial air-conditioning and elements connected to cold, manufacturing and functionality.

Therefore, we can assure you quick assistance and detailed consulting, in any event.



As well as the maintenance, cooling unit and chiller reconditioning is essential to ensure our customers greater functionality and to extended system durability. Reconditioning allows us to carry out careful checks, to prevent any problem and / or optimize performances of each unit part.

Even in this case, Fc Group team uses the best equipments and provides you with good skills and several years of experience of its qualified technicians.



Fc Group offers a good retrofit service which can be applied for all companies using refrigeration systems and needing to regularize their machineries, with the new regulations concerning environment and greenhouse gas. In this case, it is possible to replace old cooling unit with totally ecological models but, in alternative, it can also be possible to choice for a retrofit process of existing facilities, carrying out, where possible, a few simple steps with component and cooling fluids replacements.

In fact, it consists of making a system adaptation, after having checked feasibility, thanks to outdated and harmful refrigerant fluid replacing, with a totally ecological blend and through some simple changes where usually thermostatic valves and compressor oil are replaced. Choosing for this solution will reduce waiting times and will allow your company to use coolers without stops and without running into heavy penalties for failure of European standard system adaptation.



Nowadays we are increasingly attentive to energy balance and to environmental impact. For this reason, Fc Group offers an accurate and detailed service. Thanks to our expertise and best equipments, we will carefully study your structure, detecting consumption, any changes to be made in order to achieve a substantial saving and all the best and available solutions for your needs.


Our air-conditioning unit sizing service consists of a careful environment study with calculations related to the real needs of each area, allowing us to determine the ideal climate. Each environment which has to be air conditioned, has got its variable factors and our skilled technicians will take care to evaluate them, in order to understand which can be suitable temperature for the environment and power requirement, based on its size.

Thanks to this service, you could know what type of climate you need and required power level. A calculation to measure affected environment, lets your company saving money in the present and in the future and allows Fc Group to supply correct design and installation for an appropriate climate control, related to your specific needs.


Refrigeration plant sizing is what allows us to purpose the suitable system and makes us to be able to reply to each customer needs. This service consists in evaluating what type of chiller is more suitable to your needs (air or water condensation, NH3 or with new technologies using CO2), as well as to understand the quantity of power requirement.

Our technical team will carry out a complete analysis, in order to propose the best project.


Fc Group can offer good eco-alternative for your refrigeration systems, providing new refrigeration plants using refrigerants fully compliant with new regulations, regarding environment. Thanks to technology, each company can optimize their refrigeration systems and make them “eco-friendly” and able to encourage greater energy savings.

To know more about, please do not hesitate to contact us: our technical specialists are always at your disposal!